Bionnovation Triple Blade Bone Collect Drill DLC 5mm


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Bionnovation Triple Blade Bone Collect Drill

Bionnovation Triple Blade Bone Collect Drill is a great option to facilitate the collection of autogenous bone in regenerative procedures.

Three blades provide greater efficiency in collecting autogenous bone. There will be less trepidation and greater precision during the collection procedure in the donor bed. Furthermore, the association of autogenous bone with bone substitutes enhances the clinical results of grafting procedures due to the osteogenic and osteoinductive potential of autogenous bone associated with the osteoconductive potential of the bone substitute.

Easy and quick insertion.

> Auto cutting power even at low speed;
> Collects and particles the bone quickly, without losing the collected material;
> The amount of bone collected can be equivalent to the size of the drill;
> Minimally invasive accesses: more minor flaps;
> Excellent postoperative period of the donor area;
> It can be used on any bone with exceptional durability!
> Ease of cleaning;


  • Autogenous bone can be collected in less than 10 seconds
  • Wide opening to allow for easy removal of bone collected
  • Stopper limiting the depth to 4 mm
  • Reduction in bone heating
  • Greater stability with triple blades

Product Code: BN.5128

Category: Surgical

Sub Category: Bone Collect Drill

Brand: Bionnovation