FluoroDose Sodium Fluoride Varnish - Bubblegum (120x Doses)


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Size: Bubblegum

FluoroDose Sodium Fluoride Varnish The TOP Fluoride Varnish Now Even Better! We?ve upgraded our award-winning fluoride varnish with a new patented hygienic package, ergonomic design, and a smooth, easy peel! Our new LolliTray? package was engineered to make every fluoride application easier, safer, faster and more comfortable. FluoroDose has been awarded THE DENTAL ADVISOR's top Fluoride Varnish 6 years in a row! Clinicians love that it is smooth, not clumpy. Patients love that it tastes and feels great. FlouroDose dries clear so there is no tooth discoloration. FluoroDose is FDA-cleared for treating dentinal sensitivity. FluoroDose contains 5% sodium fluoride (NaF) or 22,600 ppm of fluoride. Each unit contains one single dose (0.3 mL) of FluoroDose plus one Benda® Brush applicator. Simply peel back the cover, dip in the brush, mix and apply. Centrix makes fluoride varnish safer and cleanup easier. Swipe-on procedure is easier and safer to use than gels and rinses Dries in seconds upon contact with saliva. No worry of fluoride ingestion Remains on the tooth for 4 to 6 hours for optimum fluoride uptake Available in 5 great-tasting flavors: Caramel, Bubble Gum, Mint, Cherry and Melon Best value on the market The ADA considers fluoride varnish to be a safe and efficacious part of a caries prevention program that includes caries diagnosis, risk assessment, and regular dental care.1 Allergen Risk Information FluoroDose is lactose-free, gluten-free and nut-free and free of all dairy, egg, gluten, soy, peanut, tree nuts, tree nut derivatives, fish/shellfish, and seed products. FluoroDose contains rosin, beeswax, and red dye 40.

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Category: Preventative

Sub Category: Fluoride Varnish

Brand: Centrix