PrimeOn Comprehensive Implant Sterile Drape Kit


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PrimeOn Comprehensive Implant Sterile Drape Kit PACK COMPONENTS: 3x Adhesive Film 10x X-ray Detectable Gauze 2x AAMI Level 2 Surgical Gowns 4x Spunlace Hand Towels 1x Bio hazard Waste Bag 2x Quick Drill Sleeve with Applicator 1x Surgical Patient Drape, U-shaped with Velcro Tube Management 1x Trolley-Back Table Cover 1x Head Bar Drape with Adhesive 1x White Tube Adaptor 1x Blue Tube Adaptor 1x Suction Tube 1x Saliva Ejector 1x Fine Aspiration Handle with Control Vent 1x Mayo Stand Cover REGULATORY COMPLIANCE MDD 93-43-EEC, REACH STANDARDS : Surgical Gown: AAMI PB70, EN13795-1 Mayo Stand-Table Cover: GB-T 16886.5 Gauze: ISO 10993-5, ISO 10993-10 Drapes: AATCC 127, AATCC 42, REACH MANUFACTURING ACCREDITATION EN ISO 13485

Product Code: MUN.DSP20UN

Category: Surgical

Sub Category: Drape Kits

Brand: Mun Global

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