SteriPure Water for Autoclave - 10L Bottle


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SteriPure Water for Autoclave 10L Bottle

A lot of the water used in Sterilizers and Autoclaves is not as pure as you would like to think.

Using below-standard water causes a build-up in the tank chambers and solenoids causing unwanted breakdowns. It also reduces the life of the instruments being sterilized and the sterilizer itself.

Most distilled water is not produced to a standard but STERIPURE is inexpensive, high-quality laboratory-grade water, which is up to 20 TIMES MORE PURE THAN MOST other water on the market today.

By using STERIPURE you will reduce your maintenance costs, meet warranty requirements and increase the life of your sterilizer.

Dimensions: 320mm h x 260mm w x 160mm

Net Weight: 10kg

Made in Australia

Product Code: SP.10L

Category: Sterilisation

Sub Category: Sterilisation Water

Brand: SteriPure