Cavex Cream Alginate Fast Set - 500g

Cavex Cream Alginate Fast Set - 500g


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Cavex Cream

Cavex Cream Alginate is the latest addition to the Cavex alginate range. Due to a combination of 5 m accuracy, high tear strength and excellent elasticity, the properties of this dental impression material challenge those of silicone quality. Add extremely rapid water absorption, a user-friendly creamy consistency during mixing, snap-set, and five-year shelf life. Cavex Cream Alginate is an unrivaled alginate.a

This alginate impression comes with a beyond pleasant bubble-gum scent to sink one?s teeth into, hence avoiding patient bite resistance. Cavex Cream Alginate is available in Normal (90 sec.) and Fast Set (60 sec.).


  • Detail reproduction of at least 5 m
  • Easy mixing
  • Highly elastic
  • High tear strength
  • Five-year shelf life
  • Outstanding scannability


We value the opinion of the dentist. That is why we let The Dental Advisor test our Cream alginate. After a clinical evaluation by a team of dentists, this unparalleled alginate received a near-perfect clinical rating of no less than 97%, which corresponds to the maximum score of 5 pluses. Professionals praise the color and smell, the extremely high detail rendering, and the high tensile strength. In addition to the high rating, Cavex Cream has been awarded the title of ?Dental Advisor Top Winner Award? six years in a row.

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Category: Impression Materials

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Brand: Cavex

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